As a homeowner, you probably like hosting events and parties in your house. This is particularly true during summer when families get together to celebrate any type of event.  

If you’re planning to host a party this summer, there is one question you need to answer. Is your home ready?  

Your carpet ties your décor together and lends warmth to your house. Because of this, each time you gather with friends or family, you want your carpets to look great. This is where hiring a professional carpet cleaning company comes in. 

However, is hiring a professional worth it? Let’s find out. If you want to know more, visit  

Get Rid of Foul Smell 

We all adore our pets, but accidents will inevitably occur. If your dog or cat has an accident, blot the liquid and clean the carpet as soon as possible to avoid the mess seeping through to the carpet pad. Urine that has soaked through to the pad or been left untreated for an extended period of time may require a lot more work from your carpet cleaning professional. 

Rejuvenate High-Traffic Areas 

Keeping your high-traffic areas clean with a weekly vacuuming schedule is the best way of protecting them. The carpets in your home cannot be over-vacuumed. After that, you should have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year.  

Most carpet warranties recommend that a professional cleaning be performed at least once every 18 months. Maintaining both types of cleaning will revitalize and rejuvenate your carpet. 

To further protect your carpet, you can also apply a carpet protector.  

Gets Rid of Stubborn Stain 

A professional carpet cleaner will use a low pH enzyme cleaning solution to pre-spray your carpet or upholstery. The formula breaks down dirt and oils, allowing them to be drained out easily while your carpets are being cleaned. These experts use specialized spot-lifting chemicals to get rid of stains like tar, rust, urine, grease, ink, and more. 

Avoid Diseases 

By eliminating pollens that have settled into your carpet, a professional extraction technique can help avoid seasonal allergies. These professionals clean your carpeting with 180-degree water, which kills germs and helps prevent colds and flu. They also utilize a truck-mounted steam cleaning extraction system, which is extremely effective. As a result, once the bacteria, dirt, and pollens are removed, your carpets will dry faster. 

Improve Your Carpet’s Lifespan 

The carpeting in the home will typically last 5-7 years. Your carpeting, on the other hand, is a significant investment. You’ll wish it could last a lot longer! The single most effective technique to increase the lifespan is to keep it clean. To eliminate non-soluble dirt, vacuum twice a week.  

Hire a professional carpet cleaning company to deep clean your carpets once a year to remove the soluble spots. To keep your carpet fresh, restore its vitality, and maintain its original beauty, requires both weekly and professional cleaning. 

While hiring a professional will cost you money upfront, you will save a lot of money in the long run since you’re extending the life of your carpet.